Supporting members and sponsorships are a vital pillar of the Social Village Manas.

Without the long-term security of the running costs, there is no project money that can be used, for example, to build a house or a workshop. Supporting members therefore not only ensure the existence of the Social Village Manas, but also ensure that it can continue to grow.

It is the loyal donors, sponsors and supporters who give stability and resilience to the Social Village Manas and at the same time security to the residents, but also to the employees, as far as their future is concerned.

Supporting members and sponsors regularly donate a fixed amount, usually on a monthly basis. They ensure that the running costs there can be supported by us and are thus an indispensable pillar for the work for people with disabilities in the Social Village Manas.

Without the running costs being secured, the facility would not be able to fulfill its important tasks and develop further.

At the moment, about 40% of the running costs can be covered by income in Kyrgyzstan itself, for example by the state disability pensions of the residents or by parents’ contributions. For the remaining 60%, currently about 1,200 euros per month, the Social Village Manas still needs our support. We can provide this thanks to your donation.

You can choose your contribution freely and either transfer it by standing order, or give us a SEPA direct debit mandate; then we will collect the contribution from your account.
If you want to become a sustaining member, please fill in and sign the form below and send it to us (by letter or scanned as mail).

Foerdermitgliedschaft-Lastschriftmandat (direct debit mandate for supporting members)

A revocation is possible at any time.