Arable land for growing hay for the animals

In the course of the last few years, agriculture, especially animal husbandry, has been steadily expanded and developed as a permanent workplace for residents. At the moment 16 sheep, 8 cows and 6 calves live in the Social Village.
Aman and Almaz, with the help of other residents and staff, take very good care of the animals, feeding, watering and milking them daily. Some of the milk is sold, some is processed in the outlying residential group.
With an ever increasing number of animals and rising feed prices, the costs of farming are getting higher and higher. For this reason, they are currently looking for suitable farmland for sale near the Social Village in Murake. Thanks to generous donations last year, we are able to support this project.

Cooperation and exchange of experience with the NGO “Blagoe Delo” in Ekaterinburg, Russia

Since the foundation of the Social Village we have been trying to build up a professional team, unfortunately there are only limited possibilities to find trained staff in Kyrgyzstan. In the past, staff members have attended seminars, and twice a German social pedagogue has been on site and worked a lot with the staff, residents and volunteers. Unfortunately, the staff turnover is also to blame for the fact that it has not been possible to train the employees themselves.

Through a cooperation with the NGO “Blagoe Delo” in Russia, the staff will be trained by getting to know a similar institution and with the help of local staff. In order to discuss further details about this cooperation and to participate in the first seminars on site, Gulja and one of her colleagues flew to Yekaterinburg in September.

Opening of a store in Bishkek to sell products from the Social Village there.

In the past, there was always talk of selling products from the Social Village in Kyrgyzstan. At the opening of the external residential group, a small store was to be opened there at the house, but due to the location, this would have attracted only very few customers.
For this reason, among others, the management of the Social Village tried for a long time to acquire a plot of land in Bishkek, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful. For this reason, at the beginning of 2022, together with members of the Foerderverein, a few apartments were inspected. Here a few aspects were very important: Is the apartment in an area where there are many walk-in customers? Is it possible to convert and re-register it as a business? Does the apartment offer enough space for the sale of products, the work of the bookkeeper and the reception of guests and groups of tourists?
Of the apartments visited, only one met the requirements and had an optimal location, in the center of the city.

With the help of the association and the Camäleon Foundation the apartment could be bought, followed by the re-registration of the apartment from residential to commercial. With the support of the German Embassy, the apartment was subsequently renovated and remodeled.

In November 2022 the store was opened, there will be sold felt, wood and paper products from the workshops, baked goods and dairy products from the social village. It is planned to buy a coffee machine so that various drinks can be offered for sale.
In addition to the sale of products, the store provides a room where the tour groups of Camäleon and other guests can be received.