Who or what is Manas?

Manas is the popular hero of the Kirghizs.

The Manas epic is the central work of Kyrgyz literature. It is considerably longer than the Odyssey. It has been orally handed over and refined for about 1000 years. It sings the deeds of the mythological hero Manas and his companions who, in the tenth century in the struggle with neighboring Uyghur, preserved Kyrgyz freedom.

Parts of the epic are often recited by the Manastschis on festive occasions. Even residents of the social village Manas present parts of the Manas epic on special occasions.

They are usually accompanied by one or more “Komus”, a three-sided, mandolin-like plucked instrument, which is very virtuously handled by the musicians.

Manas is also the name of the social village for people with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan, and the sponsoring association in Germany.